Virtual Reality MRI Preparation

We are a small group of radiographers, play specialists, clinical scientists and medical illustrators working in the NHS. We are dedicated to helping our littler patients be better prepared for their MRI. Working with our academic partners we have developed a free award winning app which kids can use at home to make their MRI experience fun.

The problem with MRI

  • The noisy enclosed environment of MRI results in poor success rates in children

  • Typically GA rates are over 50% in the younger age group

  • Undertaking a GA costs an additional £600* per patient

*representative value from one of our institutions

Virtual Reality Preparation

  • VR provides a tools for parents and staff to help kids prepare for their MRI

  • It's fun and interactive allowing kids to engage with their own care

  • We show the entire MRI journey from arriving at reception to actually laying in the scanner

  • We use real 360 degree footage taken from the actual MRI department

  • We show what it feels like to have head, abdominal or lower limb scans

  • We've even incorporated movement tracking, teaching kids to lay still

Cost effective technology

  • We aim to keep costs low by using cheap google cardboard style headsets (£4)

  • Parents can use their own mobile phones with our safe and free to download app

  • Easy to use and available from the Play Store and App store

Co-designed with patients, parents and staff