“Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone”


We obviously get excited about our App but most important are the thoughts of our patients and staff who use it. Below are real comments from patients, parents and NHS staff who use our app. We think it speaks for itself.

What our kids say

What our parents say

Staff Success Stories

"We’ve had two cases where patients were so excited by the app that they took their VR goggles into school to show their teachers and school friends. This helped us realise how young people like to know what's happening and feel involved in their care rather than just being told what to do by adults"

Regina Cremin and Kirstie Still

MRI Radiographers

NHS Highland

"I've had patients run over to me with pure excitement saying “you’re from the video”. That really proves to me how fantastic the app is, it allows you to build up a rapport with the patient without even meeting them. In one case the patient began to tell me what we would do next, remembering the VR experience. They were completely at ease and appeared to know exactly what was going to happen"

Nina Mellor

Paediatric MRI Radiographer

Evelina London Children’s Hospital & Guy’s & St. Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust

"We once had a child arrive for an MRI scan who we prepped with the VR goggles. After we left he started quarrelling with his sibling who also wanted a go with the VR! I think this highlights how excited kids are with this technology and how using VR really helps them engage with their own care"

Anna Symons

Radiology Nurse

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Children with learning difficulties can be a really challenging group in MRI. The app has really helped introduce them to the noise, the equipment and location of mum in the room. It has given us some great successes stories when previously the patients would have been put straight onto a GA list"

Laura McShane

Paediatric Radiographer

Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children